John Martin

John Martin (1789-1854) was an English historical landscape painter.

John Martin Summary:

  • His landscapes commonly depicted apocalyptic scenes from the Bible.
  • He was influenced by the scenes of artists like J.M.W Turner and Theodore Gericault.
  • He also dabbled in engraving and gained a huge fortune from reproducing his works.
  • He was called the “most popular painter of his day” by fellow artist Sir Thomas Lawrence.
  • Critics were not delighted with his works, thus, not being granted membership at the Royal Academy.

John Martin Famous Paintings:

  • A Great Day of His Wrath (1853)
  • The Plains of Heaven (1851)
  • Belshazzar’s Feast (1820)
  • The Seventh Plague of Egypt (1873)
  • The Last Judgment (1853)
  • Pandemonium (1825)
  • The Bard (1817)

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