Jean Baptiste Perronneau

Jean Baptiste Perronneau (ca. 1716-1783) was one of France’s most prominent pastel portraitists in the 18th century.

Jean Baptiste Perronneau Summary:

  • He started out as an engraver but shifted to portraiture.
  • He became a member of the Royal Academy in 1753.
  • His works were popular and exhibited widely.
  • His rival, Maurice Quentin de la tour, was favored more by the aristocrats, causing Perronneau to look for commissions overseas.
  • He moved around Europe, living in cities in Italy, and Russia, before settling in Amsterdam where he died.

Jean Baptiste Perronneau Famous Paintings:

  • Olivier Journu (1724–1783) (1756)
  • Jacques Cazotte (ca. 1753)
  • Portrait of Jacques Cazotte (1760s)
  • A Girl with a Kitten (1743)
  • Marthe Legrix de la Salle, neé Agard (ca. 1756-1769)
  • Charles-François Pinceloup de la Grange (1747)
  • Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange, née de Parseval (1747)

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