Jean-André Rixens

Jean-André Rixens (1846-1925) was a classical painter and portraitist from France.

Jean-André Rixens Summary:

  • He supported himself through art school by making copies of artworks and painting commercial signs.
  • Although his goal was to win the prestigious Prix de Rome award, he did win the Second Prize in 1873.
  • He won a medal at the Exposition Universelle in 1889.
  • In 1889, he was also named Chevallier in the French Legion of Honour.
  • He painted landscapes in the Impressionist style during World War I.

Jean-André Rixens Famous Paintings:

  • The Death of Cleopatra (1874)
  • Portrait of a Young Girl (1892)
  • Jeune Femme Nue se Coiffant (1887)
  • Ceiling of Capitole de Toulouse (undated)
  • La captivité des juifs à Babylone (1873)
  • Le Bal du Moulin Rouge (ca. 1900)

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