Jan Steen

Jan Steen

Jan Steen (1626-1679) was a genre painter in the 17th century Netherlands.

Jan Steen Summary:

  • His parents ran a tavern called The Red Halber.
  • Besides painting everyday scenes, also known as genre painting, he also enjoyed painting portraits.
  • There is a Dutch proverb usually attributed to messy households that pays homage to the scenes he created.
  • He liked to use his family members as models.
  • Steen liked to employ satirical and allegorical ideas in his paintings.

Jan Steen Famous Paintings:

  • The World Upside Down (1663)
  • Feast of Saint Nicholas (1660-1665)
  • The Dancing Couple (1663)
  • Celebrating the Birth (1664)
  • The Merry Family (1668)
  • Rhetoricians at a Window (1663-1665)

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