Jacopo Amiconi

Jacopo Amiconi

Jacopo Amiconi (ca. 1685-1752) also known as Giacomo Amiconi, was a prolific portraitist in 18th century Europe.

Jacopo Amiconi Summary:

  • Amiconi was born and began his career in Venice, but moved all throughout Europe.
  • Although he is known for his portraits, he also dabbles in mythological and religious scenes.
  • He was the court painter of Ferdinand VI of Spain.
  • He, then, became the director of the Royal Academy of Saint Fernando.
  • His daughter, Caterina Amigoni Castellini, is also an artist and deals with pastels.

Jacopo Amiconi Famous Paintings:

  • The Rape of Europa (ca. 1729)
  • Princess Anne (1709-1759) (undated)
  • Farinelli and his friends (1752)
  • Mercury About to Slay Argus (1730-1732)
  • Lady Sophia Bentinck (1701–1748), Duchess of Kent (undated)
  • Aeneas and Achates Wafted in a Cloud before Dido, Queen of Carthage, with Cupid at Her Feet (undated)
  • Frederick, Prince of Wales (1735)

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