Herbert Gustave Schmalz: Zenobia's last look on Palmyra

Herbert Gustave Schmalz: Zenobia’s last look on Palmyra

Zenobia’s last look on Palmyra is an 1888 historical painting by English Pre-Raphaelite painter Herbert Gustave Schmalz.

The picture depicts Zenobia, the Queen of the Palmyrene Empire which was a breakaway state in modern-day Syria that temporarily gained independence from Rome. However, she was defeated by the Roman Emperor Aurelian and her ultimate fate is unknown.

This 1888 painting is a fanciful interpretation of Zenobia looking over Palmyra one last time before submitting it to Aurelian.

Herbert Gustave Schmalz’s Zenobia’s last look on Palmyra is in the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia.

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