Henry Raeburn

Henry Raeburn (1756-1823) was a portraitist from Scotland.

Henry Raeburn Summary:

  • Although he trained with fellow artists, he was mostly self-taught.’
  • He began painting miniatures and slowly made his way to bigger portraits.
  • He was elected president of the Edinburgh Society of Artists in 1812.
  • He was knighted in 1822 and became the official portrait painter of the King of Scotland.
  • After his death, his studio was taken over by fellow Scottish painter Colvin Smith.

Henry Raeburn Famous Paintings:

  • The Skating Minister (1795)
  • Boy and Rabbit (1814)
  • The Archers (between 1787 and 1792)
  • The Drummond Children (1809)
  • Portrait of the Binning Children (1811)
  • Niel Gow (1787)
  • Portrait of James and John Lee Allen (ca. 1790)

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