Henry Liverseege

Henry Liverseege (1802-1832) was a genre painter from England.

Henry Liverseege Summary:

  • When he was born, one of his lungs failed to develop which led to him having asthma.
  • He also had a spinal deformity that caused his left shoulder to droop lower than his right.
  • He had no formal artistic training but was very interested in pursuing a career in art.
  • After a brief stint in portraiture, he started to paint literary and folkloric genre scenes.
  • He is honored with a memorial in Manchester.

Henry Liverseege Famous Paintings:

  • The Scholar (1831)
  • The Betrothed (1830)
  • The Cobbler of the Weekly Register (1830)
  • The Bride of Lammermoor (1830)
  • The Letter (1828)
  • Companions (1825)

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