Hans Makart

Hans Makart

Hans Makart (1840-1884) was known for his historical and sensual paintings that had a serious influence on the Viennese culture of the late nineteenth century.

Hans Makart Summary:

  • He was said to have inspired Gustav Klimt, the artist responsible for The Kiss.
  • There was a style of art and design named after him that decorated the public places of 19th century Vienna.
  • His works were reviled by academics as he glorified the female nude and defamed important historical figures.
  • His use of vivid colors and ornamentation preluded the Art Nouveau movement which came several decades after his death.
  • He was in charge of the costumes and decorations for the celebration of the silver wedding of Vienna’s Emperor Franz Joseph.

Hans Makart Famous Paintings:

  • Decorative Flower Bouquet (1884)
  • Portrait of Magdalena Plach (1870)
  • Portrait of Karoline Gomperz (ca. 1870)
  • Gotische Grabkirche St. Michael, Lateral View, 1883
  • The Dream After the Ball (1884)
  • Lady with Feather Hat from Behind (1874-1875)

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