Winslow Homer: Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Harbor: Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer specialised in Realism and painted in 1873 a simple scene at Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. Characterized as ‘an integrity of nature, the work of the influential American artist Homer dwelt on scenes of landscapes and seascapes that put humanity in a sometimes perilous relation to an all-encompassing natural power.

In this work that power comes across in a drama of colour, with the riotous crimson of the sunset that seems to bless the peaceful nature of the scene with its gently rippling water beneath the young rower and his party.

Winslow Homer’s Gloucester Harbor is in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri.

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  1. james l. averill

    Could you tell me the several residences where Winslow Homer lived during his years at Gloucester, MA? Thanks

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