Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Portrait

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696—1770) was the most eminent Venetian painter of the Rococo style.

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Summary

  • He was born in the illustrious capital of Venice to an ancient Venetian family
  • Trained under Gregorio Lazzarini, an eminent and eclectic painter
  • Noted as a luminous innovator early in his career, while painting across North-Eastern Italy
  • Also produced etchings, Capricci, and Scherzi, with a fantastic and satirical subject matter
  • Commissioned to work in Würzburg as well as Madrid, the latter on a royal commission
  • Related to the artistic Guardi family through marriage, his sons also became painters

Tiepolo’s Famous Paintings

  • Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva (c. 1721)
  • Ca’ Dolfin series (1726—1729)
  • Sarah and the Angel (c. 1729)
  • The Triumph of Flora (c. 1743)
  • The Banquet of Cleopatra (c. 1744)
  • Saint Patrick, Bishop of Ireland (1746)
  • Allegory of the Planets and Continents (1752)
  • The Death of Hyacinth (c. 1753)
  • Martyrdom of Saint Agatha (c. 1755)
  • The Immaculate Conception (c. 1768)

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