Giorgione (1470s—1510) was a remarkable painter of the Venetian school about whom little is known.

Giorgione Summary

  • Born on the periphery of Venice, he became a renowned painter in his 20s
  • Close collaboration with Titian and Bellini has left ambiguities about authorship
  • Recognized as an ingenious innovator even by his masters and known for his personal elegance
  • Peculiarly free from the constraints of formalism, such as the didactic obligation
  • His Tempest may have been the first landscape in Western art
  • Many of his paintings have a level of doubt
  • Died of the plague at barely 30 years of age

Giorgione’s Famous Paintings

  • The Test of Fire of Moses (c. 1501)
  • The Judgement of Solomon (c. 1501)
  • Judith (c. 1504)
  • Castelfranco Madonna (c. 1505)
  • Portrait of a Young Bride (c. 1506)
  • The Tempest (c. 1508)
  • The Three Philosophers (1509)
  • Adoration of the Shepherds (c. 1510)
  • The Impassioned Singer (c. 1510)
  • Sleeping Venus (c. 1510)

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