George Bellows Self Portrait

George Bellows

George Bellows (1882—1925) was an acclaimed American painter in the realist tradition mainly concerned with urban landscapes.

George Bellows Summary

  • Born in Columbus, Ohio, he died in New York after establishing himself as a famous painter
  • Retained a lifelong passion for sports, which became some of his memorable subjects
  • First taught at the Art Students League of New York, then at the Modern School
  • Became a portraitist of the New York elite
  • Held anarchist and socialist belief; consequently contributed to The Masses
  • Through lithographs and paintings documented Allied atrocities against the Germans in 1918

George Bellows’ Famous Paintings

  • Pennsylvania Station Excavation (1907)
  • North River (1908)
  • Summer Night, Riverside Drive (1909)
  • New York (1911)
  • Men of the Docks (1912)
  • Cliff Dwellers (1913)
  • Edith Cavell (1918)
  • Tennis at Newport (1919)
  • Emma in a Purple Dress (c. 1923)
  • Dempsey and Firpo (1924)

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