Franz Marc

Franz Marc

Franz Marc (1880-1916) was a German artist who had a pivotal role in the rise of the German Expressionism movement.

Franz Marc Summary:

  • Marc was also a printmaker and created over 60 lithographs and woodcuts.
  • He co-founded the magazine The Blue Rider which focused on current events and the budding era of German Expressionism.
  • Marc had several tumultuous romantic relationships in his life and was married twice.
  • His frequent travels to Paris resulted in him being influenced by the many styles and techniques employed by Parisian artists at the time.
  • He founded the Futurist movement with Robert Delaunay in 1912.

Franz Marc Famous Paintings:

  • The Yellow Cow (1910)
  • Tiger (1912)
  • Fate of the Animals (1913)
  • The Tower of Blue Horses (1913)
  • Broken Forms (1914)
  • Deer in the Forest (1914)

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