Forest Interior (Sous-Bois) Paul Gauguin

Forest Interior (Sous-Bois): Paul Gauguin

Forest Interior (Sous-Bois) is an 1884 painting in the Post-Impressionist style by the leading French artist Paul Gauguin. This work is located in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

The painting depicts a lush forest scene with a single character in the bottom center of the frame, dwarfed by foliage. Gauguin’s use of bright, bold colors and simplified forms creates a dreamlike and mystical atmosphere, with the trees and plants appearing almost as if they are alive and breathing. The painting showcases Gauguin’s unique artistic style, which combined elements of Impressionism with traditional Polynesian art. “Forest Interior (Sous-Bois)” is a representation of Gauguin’s desire to escape from the constraints of modern society and immerse himself in the natural world.

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