Fitz Henry Lane

Fitz Henry Lane

Fitz Henry Lane (1804—1865) was a painter and printmaker who specialized in the Luminism style, so-called for its special effect of lighting.

Fitz Henry Lane Summary

  • Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, he changed his birth name at the age of 27
  • Had little formal education in the arts; learned his craft at a lithographer’s shop in Boston
  • As a Luminist, he infused his paintings with a strong luminosity
  • Established a reputation as a great painter of the American seaside
  • Many crucial elements of his biography were uncovered more than a century after his death
  • Having lived between Boston and Gloucester, he is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery

Fitz Henry Lane’s Famous Paintings

  • The Fort and Ten Pound Island, Gloucester, Massachusetts (1847)
  • The Ships “Winged Arrow” and “Southern Cross” in Boston Harbor (1853)
  • Salem Harbor (1853)
  • Boston Harbor (1854)
  • The Golden State Entering New York Harbor (1854)
  • Fishing Party (1855)
  • Ship in Fog, Gloucester Harbor (c. 1860)
  • Stage Fort across Gloucester Harbor (1862)
  • Lumber Schooners at Evening on Penobscot Bay (1863)
  • Brace Rock, Eastern Point, Gloucester (c. 1864)

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