Famous Paintings by Frederic Bazille

12 of the Most Famous Paintings by Frederic Bazille

These are the 12 most famous paintings by Frederic Bazille, a French Impressionist who was well regarded for his figure painting in which he placed the main figure within a landscape, painted outdoors.

In his early twenties was when he painted his most famous works, such as The Pink Dress, and he was present in social circles of eminent painters of that time, such as Monet, Sisley or Manet, who all used his well-equipped studio as space for creating.

The Family Reunion (1867)

The Family Reunion is one of the most famous paintings by Frederic Bazille and represents the artist’s family, and himself depicted at the far left behind his seated parents. They are all gathered on the terrace at their family villa neat Montpellier in France, and they are all enjoying their afternoon on a sunny day.

Woman in Moorish Costume (1869)

The woman in Woman in Moorish Costume is Lise Trehot, Renoir’s first mistress and muse. Bazille depicted her in North African costume, and she is posing in the Left Bank studio that the two artists shared in Paris.

Fontainebleau Forest (1865)

This oil on canvas landscape titled Fontainebleau Forest depicts a forest situated at the gateway to Paris, that is, since the 17th century known as Fontainebleau Forest. Its name means “fountain of the beautiful water” in folk etymology.

La Toilette (1869)

This painting was done in a few months before Bazille’s passing in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. La Toilette depicts three women. The one on the right is Renoir’s mistress, Lise, who worked for him as a model on many occasions. This painting replicated patterns and décor from the East.

Chailly – White Horse Inn (1863)

Chailly Auberge Le Cheval Blanc depicts a beige and grey scene of the street where the Inn was located.

Portrait of Edouard Blau (1866)

Edouard Blau was a French dramatist and opera librettist. His portrait was well-received in the industry. Blau is wearing a full black suit, a black tie, and a white shirt however only one collar is visible.

The Little Gardener (1866)

The Little Gardener is a true depiction of impressionism: the landscape and vibrant, yet gentle colors of a sunny, spring day, and an upper-class figure enjoying his afternoon.

Portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1867)

This famous Portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir was painted by Bazille in 1867 when he was just 26 years old. Renoir is depicted in darker colors, in a seated, very uncommon pose, and appears to be contemplating.

Black Woman with Peonies (1870)

This painting was done just a few months before the Franco-Prussian War, in which the artist lost his life. The model who posed for Bazille in Black Woman with Peonies is unidentified, but it is the same woman who posed for Thomas Eakins’s painting Female Model in which she wears the same headscarf and earring.

View of the Village (1868)

View of the Village depicts a young lady sitting on a stone ledge and overlooking the village of Castelnau-le-Lez in the Hérault department in Southern France. The artist used dark vegetation to focus the observer’s view on the sun-bathed village in the distance. This painting was very famous at the time and was presented at the next year’s Salon in 1869.

Fisherman with a Net (1868)

This oil on canvas painting titled Fisherman with a Net depicts two nude men on the riverside. The main subject has turned his back to the viewer and is standing in a stance as if he is to swing the net.

Summer Scene (Bathers) (1869)

Scène d’été or Summer Scene (Bathers) in English is an oil on canvas painting finished just one year before Bazille’s passing. It shows young men in swimming suits having a good time along the banks of Lez River near Montpellier in Southern France. It is thought that this painting was an inspiration for Tomas Eakins’s The Swimming Hole (1885).

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