Eduard Magnus

Eduard Magnus

Eduard Magnus (1799-1872) was a German portraitist from the Romantic period.

Eduard Magnus Summary:

  • He was the son of the founder of the Prussian Magnus-Bank, Johann Matthias Magnus.
  • He studied medicine, architecture, and philosophy simultaneously at the Prussian Academy of Arts, Bauakademie, and the University of Berlin.
  • Magnus traveled across Europe, visiting cities in France, Italy, Spain, and England.
  • He was a member of the Academy of Art and later became a professor in 1844.
  • His younger brother, Heinrich Gustav Magnus, was a physicist and chemist.

Eduard Magnus Famous Paintings:

  • Return of the Smuggler (undated)
  • Portrait of Aglaya A. Senden (undated)
  • Portrait of the singer Jenny Lind (undated)
  • The Benediction of the Grandson (undated)
  • Portrait of Ernerstine of Wildbreak (1848)
  • Picture of Casper’s Children (1840)

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