Cockermouth Castle - J.M.W Turner 2

Cockermouth Castle: J. M. W. Turner

Cockermouth Castle is an 1810 painting by the English Romantic painter, printmaker, and watercolorist J. M. W. Turner. This work is located in the Tate Britain in London, England.

Cockermouth Castle, located in the town of Cockermouth in Cumbria, England, is a historic fortress with a rich heritage dating back over 800 years. Originally built in the 13th century by the Normans, the castle played a significant role in defending the region against Scottish raids.

Constructed near the confluence of the rivers Cocker and Derwent, Cockermouth Castle boasts a strategic location that provided both defensive advantages and scenic views. The castle underwent various modifications and expansions over the centuries, witnessing changes in ownership and experiencing events such as the English Civil War.

Cockermouth Castle is intricately linked with the influential Percy family, who held the estate for several centuries.

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