Claude-Joseph Vernet

Claude-Joseph Vernet

Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789) was a French painter known for his landscape and maritime scenes.

Claude-Joseph Vernet Summary:

  • Vernet was the son of a decorative painter, Antoine Vernet, who also taught him the basics of painting.
  • He trained under acclaimed artists despite not having an affiliation with any art institution.
  • He was given a scholarship by his patron to study and paint in Italy.
  • Upon his return to Paris, he became part of the French Royal Academy and painted commissions for the court of King Louis XV.
  • His son, Carle Vernet, and grandson, Horace Vernet, are also artists.

Claude-Joseph Vernet Famous Paintings:

  • The Shipwreck (1772)
  • Moonlight (1772)
  • Mediterranean Harbor At Sunset (1752)
  • A Landscape at Sunset (1773)
  • A Sea Shore (1776)
  • A Sporting Contest on the Tiber (1750)

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