Charles Allston Collins

Charles Allston Collins (1828-1873) was an artist who was associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Charles Allston Collins Summary:

  • His father, William Collins, was a landscape and genre painter.
  • He stopped making art in the late 1850s to focus on writing.
  • He was a successful writer of humorous essays.
  • Collins was married to Charles Dickens’s daughter Kate.
  • He was supposed to do illustrations for Dickens’s book The Mystery of Edwin Drood but was too ill to finish the task.

Charles Allston Collins Famous Paintings:

  • Convent Thoughts (1850-1851)
  • May, In the Regent’s Park (1851)
  • The Good Harvest of 1854 (1854)
  • The Stream (recto) (undated)
  • The Stream (verso) (undated)
  • Berengaria’s Alarm for the Safety of Her Husband, Richard Coeur de Lion, Awakened by the Sight of His Girdle Offered for Sale at Rome (1850)

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