Antonis Mor

Antonis Mor

Antonis Mor (ca. 1517-1577) was a Dutch portraitist to the Spanish monarchy.

Antonis Mor Summary:

  • He trained under artist Jan van Scorel.
  • He was painter to Cardinal Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle, a key figure in the Habsburg court.
  • Mor’s style of portraiture was more formal and based on the paintings of Titian and Hans Holbein.
  • He was employed by the court of Philip II of Spain.
  • He was frequently referred to by the Spanish version of his name, Antonio Moro.

Antonis Mor Famous Paintings:

  • Portrait of Prince Philip (1550)
  • Portrait of a Man in Armor (1558)
  • Portrait of Cardinal Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle (1549)
  • Cardinal Granvelle’s Dwarf with a Dog (1549-1553)
  • Portrait of a Man Pointing at a Table Clock (c. 1550)
  • Portrait of Philip II of Spain in Armor (ca. 1557)

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