Albrecht Durer: Self portrait at 28

Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer (1471—1528) was a painter and a theorist of the German Renaissance especially known for his prints.

Albrecht Dürer Summary

  • As a Renaissance genius, he established continental renown for his woodcut prints
  • Maintained correspondence with da Vinci, Bellini, Raphael
  • Voyaged to Italy in 1494-1495 and quickly apprehended the country’s artistic developments
  • From 1512 worked under the patronage of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I
  • Cardinal personality in a great cultural fusion of the Mediterranean and Germanic art styles
  • His prints, engravings, and paintings have been enduringly influential across the centuries

Albrecht Dürer’s Famous Works

  • Albrecht Dürer the Elder with a Rosary (1490)
  • Self-portrait at 28 (1500)
  • Portrait of Oswolt Krel (1499)
  • Young Hare (1502)
  • Feast of the Rosary (1506)
  • Adam and Eve (1507)
  • Praying Hands (c. 1508)
  • Landauer Altar (1511)
  • Melancolia I (1514)
  • Portrait of Emperor Maximilian I (1519)

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