Adolph Menzel

Adolph Menzel (1815-1905) was known for being one of the most successful painters of 19th century Germany.

Adolph Menzel Summary:

  • He was incredibly popular because of his historical paintings and graphic work.
  • Menzel was short. He was four feet and six inches tall.
  • He traveled around a lot, but his heart was always settled in Berlin.
  • Menzel took over his father’s lithography business after his death.
  • He was mostly self-taught but briefly studied at the Berlin Academy of Art.

Adolph Menzel Famous Paintings:

  • The Iron Rolling Mill (1875)
  • The Dinner at the Ball (1878)
  • The Balcony Room (1845)
  • Frederick the Great Playing the Flute at Sansoucci (1852)
  • Emily Menzel, Asleep (ca. 1848)
  • Falcon Attacking a Pigeon (1844)
  • At the Beer Garden (1883)

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