January 2020

Hendrick Avercamp: Winter Landscape with Skaters

Winter Landscape with Skaters: Hendrick Avercamp

Winter Landscape with Skaters is a 1608 painting by Hendrick Avercamp where the Dutch artist, who was a deaf mute, carefully portrayed a harsh winter day in 17th century Netherlands. On the surface of this traditional winter scene we can see the townspeople enjoying themselves, choosing the spend the day in leisure, ice skating and …

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Guercino: Aurora

Aurora: Guercino

Aurora is a 1621 mythological fresco painting by Italian Baroque artist Guercino. Aurora Analysis: Guercino, also known as Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, painted Aurora on the ceiling of the Villa Aurora, a historical building in Rione Ludovisi in Rome, Italy. It was painted in 1621 for art connoisseur Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, nephew of Pope Pope Gregory …

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